Win easy factu


it is a question of a software of invoicing of simple use and very friendly and simple interface. All its control panel is on the same screen, the screen of invoicing.

It will allow that all the operations of the circuit of sales and statistics, are managed from only one screen. Win Easy Factu is a control panel of the only window, where from it will be able to realize all the operations of sales, maintenance and configurations.

The reports and documents can be personalized by the user of a visual and simple form, with its publisher of reports and documents.

Win Easy Factu is a good beginning for who one does not want to complicate the life with programs with many options but who really is not going to use them since only it needs at program level to express accounts for sold articles, budgets, orders or tickets of sale.


Features highlights of the application: 

 • Maintenance of information of company and configurations.
 • Documents and reports with possibility of personalization.
 • Customers maintenance
 • Maintenance of forms of payment
 • Maintenance of taken control elements
 • Maintenance of concepts of work
 • Products maintenance.
 • Statistics profitability
 • Collection management
 • Compatibility readings bar code.
 • The use of the mouse is not necessary to move for its sections
 • Possibility of expressing credit delivery notes and serial invoicing.
 • Emission of tickets of sale.
The information of the taken control element is personalizables for the user from the section of maintenance of information of company. It can be formed to realize auto-maintenance of articles and concepts of work, so that, on having introduced the new one, automatically it is memorized in the database, so much if it is a question of an product as work concept.
The customers are registered automatically, so that the first time that there brings in information of a new client, will do request if it is desirable to keep in the database. In the same way it will happen with the taken control elements.
The taken control elements are associated straight with the customers, so that a client can have infinite taken control elements. Thus messing about the code of the taken control element, automatically there will be visualized the information of the owner of this one. When there have been refilled the information of the client or owner in code of taken control element it is possible to realize a consultation to the database related to what there will show themselves in this one all the elements property of the chosen client.
It has the possibility of being employed at network, although it is an application thought for a simple company and with desires to invest in few computer resources. It is it is compatible with operating systems windows. Compatibility readings by means of bar code. He has electronic help manual updated. Free support of 90 days.

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