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It is a powerful application of integrated commercial management (ERP) .

It covers this way a wide range of sectorial, as well as a high quality standard, and with numerous functionalities contemplated from the same one, like management of sizes and colors, serializaciones basic, basic Trazabilidad and a length etc, with what its standard adapts itself to a big number of companies and sectors. The standard has management of mailing of SMS's and electronic invoicing without intermediaries, with mailing and digital signature valid and authorized by Treasury Department.

Considering the potency and extension of the software we are going to emphasize some few ones from its interesting properties seen in the days of presentation of this exceptional ERP .

It is completely adapted to the protection Constitutional law of Information (LOPD) and every user has a logeos historical one, as well as period of expiration of its passwords, with notices after this one comes, sugeriendole the change of the same one. Every user has permissions authorized by the manager of the accesses to the different parts who has authorized or restricted access and in whom way can gain access.

Other basic options of the standard there is the management of control of taxes green taxes or taxes of recyclings. Easy implantation of documents and printed matter adapted to the client. Management of periodic quotas.

In its integrated book-keeping he has the impression of completely normalized fiscal documents. finished and powerful consultations personalización powerful management of formats and documents and the simplicity of implantation of the same ones in the final customer.

From the seats screen the book-keeper can have access to any point of the accounting that he needs, providing him with a big mobility for the application without leaving the processes that at present it is redeeming.

He has a completely updated excellent help and in line, facilitating to the client the doubts resolution in any point of the application that is.

It has an excellent traceability (personalizable) of access to other points and processes of the application.

He has also an unbeatable sectorial one for motoring workshops and motorcars concessionaires, adapting itself to the methodology of work of the workshop of motoring to 100 %. It is necessary to stand out of this one sectorial, the appointments agenda for reception, with access from the same one to all the paragraphs of the management of workshop, treating all the procedures with supreme agility and the facility. From its powerful agenda there can be managed orders of deposit and repair.

It stores vehicles title roles, has sketch of several types of vehicles to indicate damages in vehicle to its reception or damages in the vehicle to repair. Prices differentiation for insurers, exemption amounts. Lists of vehicles for client.

Clock of signing and manual or tactile imputation of times, imputations of buys to open orders of work and a length etc...
Sectorial others since SAT has interesting options like control of coverages of maintenance contracts, control of pack's of hours I prepay, control of games included in contract, etc.

He arranges of additional modules as workshops and services SAT like Trazabilidad, Production, with the peculiarities that each one of mentioned debit of having to realize the daily management.

This application can be personalized completely adding modifications to the same one for hundred contains an adaptation for hundred to your company, and the most important thing with popular prices more than reasonable.

Engine of database SQL.

A plain summary:

SuperGest Business is a modular and integrated system, in continuous evolution, provided of:

  • Module of Commercial Management.
  • Module of Accounting.
  • Module of SAT - Series. 
  • Module of Motoring. 
  • Module of Terminal Point of sale (TPV).
  • Module of Manufacture.
  • Module of Control of works, workpeople and times.
  • Module of C.R.M. (Custom Relationship Management).
  • System Mobile (for PDA and other systems).
  • Module of Electronic commerce.


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