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emain Computer Solutions it offers you a wide range of Professional Services in Projects for Internet.

Hiring of domains, Accommodation spread Web (windows ó Linux), Web Design, Development of Virtual Shops and On-line Commerce, Publicity in Internet, Web Position, Campaigns of Payment for Click by means of Google Adwords, management of campaigns of e-mail.

We are specialists in Web Projects for Companies and Professionals.

We have personnel qualified to carry out your project in Internet.






It is the name of your web, it is the identity of your company in Internet and the first step to achieve the success of your project in the network of "Internet" networks.

emain Computer Solutions we can advise you which it is the form of domain (I named company in Internet) that more interesting can prove, as well as verify if the different names of domain are available.

It is the first step to initiate your project in Internet. You must look for a free, mastery short and easy to remember, to contain the name of the service and without special characters.

In emain computer solutions we have hardware of generation of domains based on the characteristics and services to be offered and that at the same time indicate us if it is available or not, with what you will have only to indicate us the name of your company and product and/or service to offer in Internet, so that we us start working.




Web hosting. According to since it is going to be your web, which you are going to offer in the same one and since it is going to have its design and construction, we raise the hosting options to you, under servers Windows ó servers Linux. We analyze your proposal to advise you on the most suitable hosting, including the options that there present to us the different isp (Internet Services Provider - provider of Services in Internet) with that we work, to hire with the one that more fits to your needs.

We put at your disposal systems of web hosting completely configurables to measurement, so that you can extend and reduce any characteristic in any moment when you want and as you need.

Also you can set off from a configuration completely according to the web hosting or from some plans of preformed hosting that we propose to you.




As company we bet for a big Group of Persons who form our professional team capable of offering a necessary Integral Servicein the Web design.

Study, analysis, advice, innovation, exclusivity, personalization, is our way of understanding the Design Web pages.

The extra cost of emain Computer Solutions resides in the years of experience and in our own projects to advise you in yours
digital strategy.

We offer you also Advanced Web Programming; Corporate Web, Web Portal, Electronic Commerce, Digital Means, Social Networks, Developments Advanced to measurement, agents of contents (CMS).

We design your web so that he adapts himself automatically to any mobile device, smartphones, tablets, etc... Because every time the network is more consulted by these means and debits to facilitate the navigation to your visitors from the same ones. Also we deliver to you your Web page optimized for the organic position.




Why to be is your company in Internet important, but that find you also.

Web optimization and Web Position, so that, your page, the page of your company does not get lost between hundreds of thousands of the existing ones in Internet, we are in charge of optimizing your Web and initiating the actions of position so that your Web in more excellent positions in the search engines.

In emain Computer Solutions, we know the different skills to realize On-line Marketing of ideal form. We would like advising you personally of the existing alternatives that adapt themselves better to its company.



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Also known like Marketing E-mail. The campaigns of e-mail marketing are highly effective hardware, to spread a professional message to a big number of persons, to acquire new clients or to maintain relate with the already existing clients. The Net users are usually more receptive to this diffusion channel.

We manage your e-mail campaigns so that you could verify the effectiveness of the same ones by means of reports of each of the mailing.

We form your control panel, import your contacts, generate the mailing staff, accompany you in the first steps so that you could manage it completes and easily your marketing tool by e-mail.

Only knowing the results of the mailing you will be able to know the effectiveness of the realized campaign. It discovers they her evolve of your mailing, deliveries, openings, clicks produced, I register of falls, cross-references, rebounds, etc. It visualizes comparative graphs and generates reports.




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