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Without any doubt, the virtualization is already a reality in the professional computer science.

It contributes an important cost saving, but especially, and as very important this property contributes the high availability, the high tolerance to mistakes and the biggest use of the resources of hardware tied to the corresponding energy saving, these are its outstanding properties.

emain Computer Solutions it is provided with technical personnel highly qualified in virtualization that allows us to confront any virtualization project with big success expectations.


What is the virtualization?

In computer science, the virtualization is a way to create a virtual version of a device or resource, like a servant, a device of storage, a network or even an operating system, where the resource splits into one or more execution environments. For example inside the same machine to have several servants faced to different works or services each of them. This supposes a high saving as for the hardware since instead of investing in several machines we invest only in one and subdivide virtualizando its resources. Very important also it is the saving in energy costs, since several machines are in one, which realizes the energy consumption.

The virtualization does not talk each other of a fashion but of a tendency. If earlier it was a technology to the scope only of the big companies. Now any small or medium-sized enterprise has to the scope the benefits of the virtualization, but...

what is and why does it serve?

As summary, the virtualization in servers, allows us to obtain a high availability, a high tolerance to mistakes, a major use of the resources of hardware and the above mentioned energy saving bears the correspondent (on having made use of efficient form of the hardware resources). If till now, in your company, a servant was breaking down, the time that was taken in: To find the damaged component and to replace it, to restore all the information, to recover all the configuration profiles, the new starting of the servant might be valued in days or up to one week, and this, it is not anything that any company could allow itself, times of entire stop of long duration.

The virtualization, virtualizado allows us to have a distributed system in any other machine (that could realize the emergency servant functions) that in case of breakdown, we could restore the last copy of safety of the machine virtualizada and recovering this safety copy, the servant stays again for its use. This allows us to reduce these times at a few hours, or even that go unnoticed for the company, from here the concept of high availability.


Types of Virtualizazión

Two types of virtualization exist:

Type 2 virtualization (of the second level)virtualizacion-tipo-2

The software of virtualization of type 2 or of the second level, is characterized because it must be installed in a team that is provided with a previous operating system (like Ubuntu, Fedora, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X).

For a domestic user this can be the most appropriate virtualization method.





Type 1 virtualization (of the first level)


The software of virtualization of type 1 or of the first level, settles straight on the team doing this one the functions so much of operating system like those of virtualization.

They use this virtualization method topcoat the companies that servants dedicated exclusive to the system virtualization can arrange of one or several.





Our virtualization solutions it allows to manage of centralized form all the virtualized systems, as well as its resources of storage and of network providing:

  • Rapid incorporation of new resources for the virtualized servers.
  • Reduction of the costs of space and necessary energy consumption of proportional form to the successful index of consolidation (Estimation comes up 10:1).
  • Reduction of the costs of IT thanks to the increase of the efficiency and the flexibility in the use of resources.
  • Centralized and simplified global administration.
  • To we allow to manage our Center of Data processing as a pool of resources or group of all the capacity of prosecution, memory, network and available storage in our infrastructure.
  • It improves in the processes of cloning and system copy: Major facility for the creation of environments of test that allow to start new applications without crashing to the production of the company, improving the process of the tests.
  • Isolation: before a general mistake of system of a virtual machine it does not affect to the rest of virtual machines.
  • Progress of TCO and ROI.
  • Not only it contributes the direct benefit in the reduction of the necessary hardware, as well as of its associate costs.
  • Reduction of the times of stop before incidences.
  • Migration in warm of virtual machines (without loss of service) from a physical servant to other, eliminating the need for stops planned by maintenance of the physical servers.
  • Dynamic swinging of virtual machines between the physical servants who compose the resources pool, guaranteeing that every virtual machine executes in the most suitable physical servant and providing a homogeneous and ideal resources consumption in the whole infrastructure.
  • Satisfaction high degree in general.


These are 4 "of many good reasons" not to postpone any more the virtualization in the Companies:


  • To make use of the technology now available. Presently, the servants' virtualization not only is one of the most effective available technologies on the market of YOU, but it allows a better use of the resources, both of infrastructure and of the personnel making more efficient so many physical spaces as the availability of information, applications and energy consumption. Most of the companies have already begun this process, the important thing is to define if with this technology one has managed to exploit to its potential maximum. We must remember that the initial impact of the virtualization bears a surprising effect after physicists consolidate immediately the multiple charges of work of applications in a less number of hosts, to reduce the costs and to allow a major efficiency. The virtualization is the first significant step, nevertheless it is only the beginning of a process, we might say that it is the starting point for a new style of work and a different methodology that will open opportunities of commercial growth and a major competitiveness for the companies.
  • The automation makes the companies more proactive. The fact of automating the infrastructure tasks benefits in an important way the companies principally because, these organizations are not provided with large number of personnel. This way, instead of physicists managed individually hosts, many of the operations and processes can be administered in a centralized way, as the applications added to the same ones. With it speed is achieved more in the management tasks, costs diminish and additionally a more centralized vision of the business is allowed. Also there reaches port a major control, a major capacity of analysis and the generation of reports associated with the use of the infrastructure YOU, allowing to take decisions about the current and future needs. This offers to the companies major pro activity for the use of resources and YOUR planning. The same way, the personnel can learn to identify patterns, avizorar problems and intervene to remedy unforeseen situations.
  • Better control of the proliferation of endpoint and the delivery of applications. In the last years, the options to deliver the applications to the final users have been changing dramatically. For example, the office virtualization, it allows to create YOUR staff to which light zero / client and machinery they gain access across a central servant to clients. Although it is true, the advantages are enormous, since, not only there is supported the control of the use of applications and of access to information, but the companies can reduce also costs of Operating system / application of management and devices of endpoint. Also, the users can now gain access to the applications from any place across any of its mobile devices or its computer teams.
  • The virtualization is the first step in the way towards the cloud. The virtualization allows the computing both in public cloud, and in private cloud. This way the micro-companies and medium-sized companies can implement Software options grasp Service (SaaS) and of infrastructure like Service (IaaS). On having made use of the virtualization to use the resources based on the cloud, the companies have a wider field of products or services available for its users, as well as a major accessibility, which places them in a more profitable position and mitigates the fact that both its resources and its personnel turn out to be limited.

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