Computer Security


The information constitutes the most important assets of the companies, being able turn affected by many such factors like thefts, fires, mistakes of disc, virus or others. From the point of view of the company, one of the most important problems that must resolve is the permanent protection of your critical information.

To protect your information we realize a risks analysis, later to apply the protection systems adapted to the facilities both at individual and global level of your computer infrastructure, protecting what is more important for you "your information".

It is very important for you to have the suitable protection systems (with regard to its needs), like having specializing technical personnel for the correct configuration and maintenance of the proposed systems, as well as the monitoring of the correct functioning of the same ones.

We establish a business continuity plan, to prepare your company to survive the possible incidents that they could affect to the information. Not all the incidents can get ready and we must be prepared also against these inevitable circumstances.

One of the measurements more efficient for the data protection is to determine a good safety copies politics: This one must include copies of finished safety (the information is stored in its entirety the first time) and incremental copies of safety (only there are copied the files created or modified from the last copy of safety). It is very important for the companies to prepare a safety copies plan according to the volume of generated information and the quantity of critical teams.

A good safety copies system must be provided with certain indispensable characteristics:


  • It continued: The safety copy must be completely automatic and continuous. It must work of transparent form, without affecting to the tasks that the user is realizing.


  • Insurance: Many safety copy applications include coding of information (128-448 bits), which must be done locally in the team before the mailing of the information.


  • Remote: The information must remain guests in dependences removed from the company.

  • Versions conservation: It is necessary to be provided with a system that should allow the recovery of daily, weekly and monthly versions of the information.





Nowadays the systems of copies of on-line safety (Service of remote copies of safety) are gaining area in the companies. Most of the modern systems of copies of on-line safety are provided with the maximum accident control measures and availability of information. These systems allow to the companies to grow in information volume without having to worry about increasing its physical endowment of servants and systems of storage.


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Entrusting to us your computer safety we will attack to the following strategic points to guarantee the application of the correct systems of safety in your organization:


  • Risks analysis.
  • Individual safety.
  • Safety perimetral.
  • To establish continuity plan.
  • Suitable copies of Safety.
  • Protection of Information (LOPD and LSSI).
  • Starting of safety politics


With our plans, systems and audits in computer safety you obtain specializing solutions, (beyond the supply of a "box") with a treatment global and adapted at the protection levels that you wish. This approach offers to you a prevention improved against the threats with supervision and administration on the part of experts in safety. Your company will benefit from a major protection; a fulfillment in the regulations Superior and an improved productivity. Thus your company and its personnel will be able to devote themselves with finished calmness exclusively to your business.

emain Computer Solutions it develops safety plans and specific politics adapted and personalized for every company, attending on the only parameters that define it and at the level of safety that these want to reach in every area or assets. Multiple solutions exist to protect its systems fitting to your specific needs for safety, it can request us information, with pleasure we will advise him.



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