Computer Mobility



The computer mobility helps you not to depend on a fixed job to gain access to your daily information.

This is already possible nowadays, only you need to realize your daily works (to gain access to its information, to control your resources) a mobile device or a portable team and an Internet connection, and there where you are you will be able to have access to all your information.

The mobility and the productivity increases in your company, implanting in your company the computer mobility.

Our plan e-mobility offers you some important points to promote the computer mobility, affecting it is in a positive way with regard to the productivity and the cost reduction. 

1. - Remote Access to all the teams of its computer park
2. - I access to your documents, agenda and e-mail from your mobile device
3. - Control of fleet or geo-location of your vehicles and/or personnel from your mobile device
4. - Advice in new technologies and mobile devices.
5. - Videovigilancia. He watches your facilities and your production when you are not ahead.
6. - Virtual Telephony (turning away direct extensions where you are, with virtual secretary)
7. - Video called
8. - Information Synchronizations with mobile devices

And a length etc...

On having had a suitable mobility plan, it begins the saving in the costs initially of your resources of hardware as well as entire independence of your habitual job. Aprovechaté of the new technologies and it implants of progressive form the computer mobility in your company.




Join already more 5 million companies that they use in its organizations Google Apps.

Google Apps is a bundle of productivity based on the cloud that will help you and to your professional team to get connected and to work from any place and device. It is easy to form, to use and to administer, what allows you to work of more intelligent form and to center on what really more it imports.

emain Computer Solutions it is provided with qualified personnel that can advise you and help in the configuration of Google Apps, leaving this powerful tool of managerial communication in completely formed and in functioning.



To know more characteristics of Google Apps  CLIC HERE.




Every time there is major the number of kidlings and medium enterprises (PYMES), that its servers decide to migrate to the cloud, it had to to the possibility that they offer to make use of the benefits, financiers and technical staff, who surround this option.

The servers in the cloud (cloud servers) possess a highly burglaryable technology that allows to offer computing services across Internet, where the user does not need to have big knowledge for its handling and access, offering these a high availability for the access to information, applications, storage, etc.

In emain Computer Solutions we offer you servers in the cloud at very competitive prices and different services of maintenance and support. The servers in the cloud allow you a cost saving since there does not exist initial investment in hardware of the same ones, reduction of the corresponding energy consumption, costs in safety integration, etc.


To know more characteristics on Servers in the cloud CLIC HERE.



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