In emain computer Solutions we have developed some utilities and complementary applications to your managerial management, which can facilitate very much the work to you and that we show you next.



Store of Passwords. It is a utility so that different users store its passwords in the same place. All the stored passwords encriptan (for every user) with a main password of variable and considerable length. If the stored password is of an URL of Internet, from the application one can gain access to the URL. There can be marked an expiry date of the user's password so that this one renews obligatorily its password. He has the possibility of realizing a search of all the expired passwords (for user) as well as to express a report (for user) of the information of stored passwords.

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It is a powerful utility that lets you backup local and / or remote (each backup job allows multiple destinations) and through secure protocol (rsync) data synchronize with servers that support this protocol. Supplied with software installation and server software RSync. Rsync can be installed on Linux and Windows. The work can be stored in separate lists (copies monthly, fortnightly copies, Daily). You can send email once the backup or synchronization job with the outcome of it. Ability to run pre and post processes of backup job and stop and start services before implementation and subsequently to the execution of the work.

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Database Connector. It is a tool that connects SQL databases Eurowin with remote MySQL databases. This tool will allow the high and / or update the remote database (ecommerce) at the level of categories, products and images. You can save the connection settings securely to avoid having to type them again. There is a process automation module for to run automatically and independently.

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GiNA - Agent of Reports and Alerts

Business Intelligence. Manager Reporting and automatic alerts, is able to connect to systems like SQL systems, flat tables to build reports and / or alerts. The reports and / or alerts can be automated to send results to email accounts or ftp servers. The output of the report may be in the following formats: PDF, GIF, BMP, TIF, JPG, TXT, RTF, HTML, XML. This can be printed by the default printer or assign a specific printer to report. The reports and / or alerts can be scheduled to automatically run periodically.

Some basic examples of use:

An unpaid alert reflected in accounting, erasing a delivery note in the database, where expenditure exceeds specific accounting a certain amount, and a long list of applications for this excellent tool. The limit is your imagination!

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If any of the utilities or applications that we show here are of interest or need some retouching to fit your needs, please contact us, so we can analyze the necessary modifications to fit one hundred percent your needs .


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