If you have problems to receive faxes in e-mail, this is the solution. FaxToEmail will entrust that the same way as you are receiving the faxes in a computer, will go sending them automatically to a mail account.

It is a question of an application of office that controls a folder of the system where a team that does the fax functions is keeping the received faxes, allowing any received fax be able to be sent by e-mail to a recipient like attachment.

From time to time programmed, it realizes a review to the directory / folder that it is monitoring, in the moment it detects a this new file it is enclosed to an e-mail sending it to a recipient, later and if the mailing has turned out to be correct the file or fax is filed to not be done not sent again.

It is employed untiringly minimized at the salver of the system, being able to gain access to its configuration interface doing double clic on its icon.

It can be started automatically to the beginning of the system and programmed by periods of review of the folder that it is monitoring, per hours and precise minutes indicating when it has to be an examination.

It is capable of working with accounts of mail of domain as of gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc...

It stores the configurations of the account of mail that one entrusts of the mailing, as well as texts to be inserted in the sent post office.

When there are established the parameters of the account of mail entrusted of the mailing it can realize test, verifying that with all the introduced parameters the mailing will be realized successfully.

On having been maximized, the following monitoring stops, but if there is some current mailing it shows a bar of progress of the state of the same one. If some error has taken place in the mailing it marks it with notices in its low part. When it is minimized again it begins again the monitoring of the receiving folder of faxes.

All the actions remain reflected in a file log, the sent files, the result of the mailing, the state of the servant of mailing and the connections realized in the same one so much successfully as if some mistake has happened. You can consult this log in any moment, gaining access to the user's interface.

FaxToEmail SIMPLE AND TIRELESS! sending your faxes to an email destination

If you are out of the office and want to receive faxes in your e-mail FaxToEmail he will be in charge of making it possible.

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