Business Management Programs

The choice of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in a business is a fundamental and very important because based on the decision several factors will affect us in the company as productivity, agility, efficiency, costs.

Therefore we provide staff with long experience (since 1992) to implement business solutions in a way that you can advise an assist in their decision, wich is the software that best suits your needs.

As we understand that not all businesses are the same, we also have a wide range of solutions for company management and has Department of analysis and programming so that if any management program meets all your expectations, to analyze their processes and make a custom development of their needs.

Various factors must be taken into account at the time of the election of its programme of Management: quality software, ease of use, quality of after-sales service and assistance, support in the implementation. This ensures the ultimate satisfaction.

We propose different solutions in management programs we have implemented with success among our clients:

EuroGest Elite

A single application and powerful with a standard management that is consistent with large numbers companies by its spacious master data definitions. Scalable management from Single-User to multi-User. Capable of managing one or more undertakings in its various independent exercises.

All its reports and documents are customizable by the user by company, allowing the creation of new reports and documents visual and very easily.

Available enterprise configuration so that you can easily activate / deactivate functions integrated in the application itself, as well as the customization of the at a general level or user-level interface.

Sectoral modules such as management of workshops available automotive, management of centres training, transportation, management POS management, management sizes and colors, management of periodic fees.

Developed by emain with technological tools.

It features tools of import from other applications, as well as of export to ecommerce and other specific applications of accounting.

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Win Easy Factu

It is not an ERP but it is a simple tool of billing that allows us to from a single screen operations all sales and maintenance automatic: customers, who underwent surgery for repair, products, services, creation and tracking of collections, estadisticaa and reports. All from one same screen for who just want in a simple issue: budgets, delivery notes of sale, invoices, Tickets sale. Just with a mouse click is passed a budget to delivery note or sales invoice. It allows in a single document, Bill services and/or products. It has serial factuar invoices for billing pending billing periods. Customizable reports and documents by the end user in a visual way. For small companies or self-employed.

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SuperGest Business is the resources planning system (ERP) that your company seeks, in this solution is information that requires your company to the operation of the business and project procurement management processes, elaboracion-fabricacion, set, control of resources, sales, marketing, distribution, after-sales services, works, CRM, accounting, touch point terminal sales, integration to PDA, automotive, e-commerce, access control, adapted to the data protection act.

SuperGest Business is a modular and integrated, in continuous evolution, system equipped with: Commercial management, accounting module, SAT module - module Series, module of Automotive, module of point of sale (POS) module manufacturing, module of Control of work, workers and times, C.R.M. (Custom Relationship module Management), Mobile system (for PDA and other systems), module of Commerce Electronic.

It has tools of import from other applications in order to facilitate his boot.

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SAGE Eurowin

Sage Eurowin 2013 is integrated and sectoral management, offering you a single application all the tools you need to manage your business, so you optimize the profitability of your resources, you will gain in efficiency and competitiveness.

With Sage Eurowin 2013 you have everything you need to manage the different areas of the company.

On the day of a business automation provides value to all of its processes organizational and helps to improve their profitability. Therefore it is essential to have of an integrated management system that covers the different organizational areas of the
Business: sales, purchasing, distribution, administration, production, etc... and above all that allows knowing the actual state of your business at any time.

The sectoral available cover all the specific needs of management of multiple business sectors.

Standard and customizable offers all the advantages of working with a management standard most necessary customization to suit the particularities of each business.

Documents and reports are customizable by the user.

We have utility for exporting data from Eurowin to your ecommerce in Internet, as well as automation of online reporting and alerting tools directly to the database of the application to easily and automatically you It provides data of your company.

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SAGE series SP

Software easy to use and it helps you to simplify the creation and management of a business, helping you make informed decisions, providing a unique insight into how your business is being done.

SAGE series SP has various well known enterprise management products and extended, covering a widely management needs. Among its products SAGE ContaPlus, SAGE invoicing, SAGE payroll and HR, SAGE Treasury, and a long etc. Products that are complements and interconnected with each other.

The modules are solutions that are complementary to the products and services of Sage, solving specific needs by adding new features to products; or with value-complementary services.

Modules: complements and creates your own solution; incorporated into your product's always, information, functions and services of value to the information stored in your application.

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ARS has different products of company management, covering a broadly the management needs. Among its products accounting, billing, payroll, Trade - POS. It also has sectoral products to approximate more to your business and management.

There are different suites that even more cheaper costs, such as billing + Accounting, POS + professional accounting, billing + accountancy + payroll, etc...

Its products complemented and interconnected with each other.

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We advise you so that you can choose the best solution and implement the management of your company in any of the programs of business management that we have. Like this as first level support to deal with questions that arise in everyday life. We can provide complementary to developing tools which you need support to your management.


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