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One of our activities in the field of the computer science is the applications development to measurement.

We realize the whole process, from the study of the requisites, spending for the analysis, design, development and implantation up to the later maintenance of the product software that your company needs.

Our main platforms to carry out the programming to measurement are Linux for the Web applications and Windows for the office applications.


If your needs are:

  • Software for virtual shops
  • Software for management of clients and/or providers
  • Inventor software, administration, production or control
  • Complementary software to its management software
  • Or any other type of program in the web or place

We can realize the development to you to short-term measurement and with agreed period, and what is more important to popular costs, because to have a product to measurement does not imply necessary that has to be of high costs. Verify it!!.

There are many reasons for which we can be your company of development of software and can stand out:

We go from 1996 developing applications for diverse clients, both of the public and private sector.
All our personnel is highly qualified, in analysis, development and implantation of solutions to measurement.

We have developed software to measurement using, between others, the following technologies:

HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
Visual Microsoft C ++, Visual Basic,
.NET Framework, Joomla, sQeletor
Borland C ++ Builder, Delphi
Microsoft Access, MySql, Postpotter's clay,
Crystal Reports, Quick Reports, Fast Reports

All these technologies are used extensively by companies of development of software dedicated to the programming to measurement.

We develop the necessary software to the measurement of your concrete needs.


With the programming to measurement we can develop the only product for you, which allows to improve its competitiveness. You will be able to be provided with a tool only and designed specially for your company and needs.

Advantages of the programming to measurement:

It is fully tailored to your company and can change with your business.
It is an exclusive tool which your competition has not.
An application programmed to measurement can be improved according to your interests.
It can connect and include all the parts of the company that you wish not only those who allow the bundles of closed programs.



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By phone +34 960 000 161.
We will get in touch with you without commitment, to give you the information that you need.


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