Remote assistance


In emain Computer Solutions, we put at your disposal our service of remote assistance. Be where you are we tune in to the team with incidence and solve it.

A specializing technician will tune in for Internet up to where you are and solving all your worries and needs. The connection will be always realized across Internet and will be always realized by means of a sure connection and encripted.

Is this service guaranteed? emain Computer Solutions it guarantees it. In case of having received some amount and if the problem stays without resolving, we return it to you.

The connection is realized under your authorization, for which as soon as the program of remote assistance was unloaded, this one facilitates to you an identifier of your team and a password, and that you will have to facilitate both information to the technician so that this one could establish the connection with your computer team.


What benefits our Remote Assistance gives you?

Costs: To displace a technician where you are brings with it an expense in time for both parts, with the remote assistance "under demand" to you will allow to cover your requests of computer support with technical staff specialized with a few very low costs.

Transparence: You can see on the screen everything what the technician is doing, according to that by any of the routes communication is established with the technician, we express a report detailed on the problem and the work realized for its resolution.

International: Having already I obtain the way of locating us, we can give you support of remote assistance in any place of the world.

What steps do you have to give to start the service?

1st Send to us a detailed description of the problem with request of support of remote assistance across our contact page clicking HERE. You can call us also to the phone +34 960 000 161, a technician will evaluate and value the service to be given.

2nd In case of being necessary you will have to realize the payment of the service by means of bank transfer or across PayPal. P A Y M E N T   B Y   P A Y P A L

3rd It download the program of remote assistance D O W N L O A D   S O F T W A R E   R E M O T E   A S S I S T A N C E

4th once Unloaded, execute it get in touch with our technical service in the phone 960 000 161 and facilitate your identifier and your password so that the technician could realize the connection.

5th Our technician one will start working to solve the problem that once solved it will warn you and there will be sent to you the detailed report of the works that have been realized in your computer team.


The current cost for the first hour of intervention there are 20 € the first hour




Across the Web CLIC HERE 
By e-mail in 
By phone +34 960 000 161.

We will get in touch with you without commitment, to give you the information that you need.



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