Computer Outsourcing


The computer Outsourcing, Outsourcing, is the process for which a company moves or destines the resources faced to fulfill certain tasks, to an external company, by means of a contract. For it, they can hire only to the personnel, in whose case the resources will be contributed by the client (facilities, hardware and software), or hire both the personnel and the resources to be used.

The Outsourcing service, it satisfies the increasing demand of resources specialized inside the frame of the competitiveness that is demanded today from the companies. Your company will be provided not only with a human resource, but also with a strategic alliance to achieve its managerial goals at computer level or of consultancy.

With the Outsourcing service we can avoid the flood of the debits and low the price of the costs in production and concentrate its efforts on the main activity of its company.

The small enterprises have not resources for the hiring of a computer technician. In case of companies of major size, having a small computer science department does not assure the knowledge to them in all the fields of the computer science and the technology. In both cases the computer Outsourcing it is the ideal option, solving these problems.

There is known by contract of computer Outsourcing that one by virtue of which a company dedicated to the management of computer systems for companies (the lender) is hired by other one (the client) so that it realizes his certain computer services in order to increase its productivity and competitiveness. The lender will manage the computer system of the client in order to provide an efficient computer system to him.

The outsourcing of the computer services is a common practice in big and medium enterprises that the service provides with more professionalism and with the consequent saving in the costs.

In emain are specialists in Outsourcing and we are provided with the highly qualified technical personnel and always in constant evolutionary preparation, as well as the necessary hardware to confront and to carry out any type of project.


  • Attention to users Hot Line and in remote.
  • Maintenance of equipment (computer park).
  • Communications systems.
  • Maintenance and management of the vital systems of impression.
  • Administration of networks and systems.


The service of Outsourcing of emain offers you:


  • Effective solutions and with quality guarantee.
  • I save in your costs.
  • Price closed by means of monthly quota.


Contact with us and without any type of commitment we will prepare a project offering him a service of quality, an effective service and a service with success guarantee.


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