Computer Maintenance


emain with its maintenance plans there puts at your disposal a service of quality, efficacy and professionalism to maintain in good condition and watched all your computer assets, including principally the points that we detail you next:

  • Assistance so many presencial like remote of unlimited form and from the first day.
  • Initial consultancy to evaluate the state of its infrastructure.
  • Initial review of its systems.
  • Adequacy of the systems for the reduction of possible incidences and to expire with a few minimal standards.
  • Inventory of software and hardware in use to be registered in our database.

Without permanence commitments. If these with us it is for our quality, professionalism and efficacy in our services. this is our main target!!

We offer you the global maintenance of your computer facilities

  • Servants.
  • Workstations.
  • Think Client.
  • Portable teams.
  • Routers.
  • Network switchs.
  • Maintenance of twisted network.
  • Networks wiring.
  • Maintenance of wireless networks.
  • Securization of wireless networks.
  • Video Alertness.
  • Maintenance and optimization operating systems.
  • Rent of computer Teams.
  • I equip of replacement before breakdowns.

Intranet and area of support Help Desk where to tune in to our technical service of direct and instantaneous form.


Our computer maintenance offers a service of professional, personalized support and of quality with extraordinary answer times. We apply proactive maintenance in order to anticipate us to the problems: avoiding them!!. Of happen some problem what reigns in our service is to give him solution, later to analyze as it was caused and to be able to apply the preventive measured correspondents to treat that this one does not happen again.

In case the incidence as the later preventive measurements could not be executed of remote form, a technician will move to its facilities for the purpose of applying so much the solution to the incidence as the later preventive measurements.

We have different maintenance plans modularizeds so that you could construct your plan of maintenance fitted to your needs. In any case we will advise you of which it fits better for cost and depending on your computer infrastructure.


If he needs professional, rapid support and of quality, both preventive and proactive like correction of continued form emain Computer Solutions is your company of maintenance, we want to rely on with you.


Consult us...: without commitment!!


Preventive maintenance

The service of preventive maintenance of computers, networks and teams of communications, to you allow to reduce the risk of future mistakes and this way to avoid the breakdowns that cause debts, low productivity in even the entire paralyzation of your managerial activity, which can bear important economic losses.

Proactive maintenance

Proactive maintenance skill focused in the identification and correction of the causes that cause the mistakes in teams, components and computer facilities, this skill implements solutions that attack the cause of the problems not the effects.

Maintenance reactivated

Named also "corrective maintenance", it takes place later after a mistake happens or, that is to say, it will only act when an error appears in the system. In this case if no mistake takes place, the maintenance will be void, therefore it will be necessary to wait until the damage should appear to be able to take correction measures before happened mistakes.


If you do not wish commitment of payment of monthly quotas by way of maintenance contract, but if you need to have before the incidences in your computer facilities of qualified personnel, you can be interested in our hours bonds services pre-payment. If this is the case you can click in the following button:  BONDS HOUR PRE-PAYMENT


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