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In emain Computer Solutions, we want to help giving our services in companies for the implantation of new technologies, offering services of computer consultancy and system audit.


We seek employment also like company of rendering of service outsourcing computer programmer both in the direction and in the project execution for other companies, independently of the caliber of the same ones.


We are specialists in the implantation and maintenance of software like Eurowin, SuperGest, Nexus, Eurowin CRM, business Intelligence, computer safety, products for the mobility of its company and with long experience in the formation to measurement. In the last one "formation" our technical staff has given training courses for the SERVEF, the courses being even given in the facilities (being you are adapted for it), of the client.


With an extensive experience in the sector of the new technologies (from 1992) like company of solutions glogales from computer technologies to pymes, mike - pymes and autonomous, with personnel with a long experience and trajectory in new technologies (from the year 1982) it allows us to confront the introduction challenges and in majority of the cases to the progress of the computer infrastructures of ours client, facing to the big challenges of changes that from our beginnings we have confronted, and the most important thing "SUCCESSFULLY". Challenges of the awesome effect 2000, the change of currency, the adjustments to the new countable plans. All of them our clients there has turned out to be the step from one day to other, without affecting them in the most minimal thing to its continuity.


Other challenges they will raise given the important technological changes to us that every day ván producing, but as we are accustomed, with a good planning and strategy we will always propose to ourselves that our clients should spend it without affecting them..., practically without they realizing.


We are not scared before the big challenges therefore we can, if you wish it, collaborate / lead projects of consultancy and audit without mattering of these, adapting our effort to obtain the targets marked with efficacy, quality and as rapidly as possible, always looking for the cost reduction and the entire satisfaction of the final client, as well as of the company that subcontracts our services. IT IS ONE OF OUR MAIN CHALLENGES!! "THE QUALITY AND THE SATISFACTION".



We value the current situation of your technological systems, to be able to analyze them and improve the current situation of the same ones, 

adecuacion-sistemasestablishing for it a plan of action that takes us to the wished targets.

This action plan is established in half a long term, in order to reach the targets marked after the analysis of its information systems.

We will analyze three strategic points of its company in order to obtain the information of its current state, to be able to project the wished future situation and establish the action plan.

1st We Analyze the applications
2nd We Analyze the infrastructure
3rd We Analyze the organization

Our team of professionals having executed the analysis of the points, contacts you so that you could indicate them your desires and future worries, taking advice at all times, in order to indicate you the most precise formula for the saving in costs and time, establishing the three future states wished for applications, infrastructure and organization.

As soon as there were obtained the states wished for each of the analyzed paragraphs we establish an action plan to shortly / medium term to reach the wished targets.

In emain we help you, your company to obtain the ideal yield for its computer infrastructure, limiting to the elementary form the impact of the costs in which this one reverberates towards its company.

We are specialists in choosing and implanting the technological solutions that your company needs.

Our Mission, it will be that the investment in Information technology materializes in business benefits for your company.

Our Vision, we Want to be its confidence consultants.





Although everything regarding the protection Constitutional law of Information (L.O.P.D) and the Law of services of the Society of Information (L.S.S.I), we want to do special emphasis, treating this information in this specific, given section its high importance.

From beginning of the year 2000, any company or person who carries out an economic activity, must fulfill OBLIGATORILY the requisites of the LOPD (Law 15/1999) and the LSSI (Law 34/2002).

This, it means that any company / person who has a web page in which it offers services or products, or who simply has a clients' database, must expire with the requisites that the corresponding law determines, under risk of fines that can climb, in case of light absences from 600 €, up to very serious sanctions of 600.000 €.

Adaptation to the LOPD

lopdThe LOPD establishes a series of obligations relative to the data capture, assent, storage, conservation, use, information especially protected, communication or transfer of information, access, rectification, creation of files, high in the Record of the protection Agency of Information, etc.

All the companies, they gather personal and confidential information that must be treated by the official regulation.

1. - Notification of the files of information to the protection Agency of Information
2. - Adoption of the accident control measures and the regulation according to the level of applicable safety
3. - Writing of the safety document that gathers the adopted measurements.

Official  page Spanish Agency of Protection of Information.


Adaptación a la LSSI


The web pages that must adapt themselves to the legal regulation of the LSSI will depend on the type of service that they offer from its web:

1. - Web pages that allow the buy / hiring of products or services.
2. - Companies considered to be Lending of Services of Intermediation, like, companies that offer connection and/or accommodation, directories and searchers.
3. - Web pages of companies, professionals or individuals who generate income, although they do not sell products or services.

Official page Law of Services of the Information society



We recommend to see real examples, you can visit any current web of travel agencies, shops in line, buy of earnings, etc. Y to look for the section of “Legal Notice”, “General Conditions”, “Legal Terms”, for “protection Politics of Information” or something similar. Our fulfillment of the regulation on foot of page.



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