Bonds of hours


If its number of incidences is very low and/or you do not need a preventive review system continued fixedly monthly, and what you wish is that any of our technical staff they come to your call or tune in of remote form solving incidences to you in your computer infrastructure, system or programs (applications), then you need an hours bond I prepay. Thus you reduce your computer intervention costs being provided with computer support for qualified technical personnel, prepared to solve its problems. With our hours bonds I prepay major all that is the number of hours contained in the bond, minor turns out to be to him its hour cost.


The hours bonds I prepay there are a form of that you count with technical staff qualified for the resolution of your incidences, reducing the costs of drastic form. The same way as you are using your bonds for the incidences resolution, the used time goes being deducted of the employed hours, as soon as your hours bond was exhausted, you will have to acquire other of equal, major or less number of hours.


Our hours bonds I prepay they do not have assigned expiry date, its useful life can be months or years, according to the hours that you complete, in this aspect: WE DIFFER FROM THE OTHERS!!, since other companies of computer services, the duration of its bonds of hours they are annual, which we consider turns out to be unjust for the final client.


in what do the hours bonds differentiate prepayment of the maintenance contracts?

Principally in that you do not have obligations of monthly quota. You are consuming hours until the bond becomes exhausted. The price turns out to be much more economic than if no type of link has with emain Computer Solutions to him.

Do I have any disadvantage with regard to the maintenance contracts?


None at a professional level and assistance quality, the only disadvantage is that with a maintenance contract an entire link acquires to emain Computer Solutions, with what the hours turn out to be slightly more economic to him and with the maintenance contract it is not limited by the number of hours hired in the bonds.


Some companies decide in favor of the hours bonds prepayment for the purpose of verifying the quality and efficacy of our services of maintenance, without being late in realizing it and linking preparing its maintenance contract.


Are the answer times the same that if it had contract?

Really our answer times with maintenance contract are of a working day as with the hours bonds I prepay.


YOU DECIDE!! We, our technical personnel, it will treat him with exactly the same professionalism and eficácia that you deserve to yourself, with the only purpose that you link entirely to our company as your company of computer maintenance and that the commercial relation is long and lasting for the quality of the same one.


On having hired any bonds pack hours, I prepay you acquire the right to:

  • Consultancy (without charge for its bond).
  • Initial review of its systems (without charge for its bond).
  • System adequacy (to reduce the number of incidences and without charge for its bond).
  • Technical assistance (presencial, telephone and remote).
  • Maintenance reactivated.
  • Area of support HelpDesk.
  • Included displacements

Hours Pack prepaid available:


Bond 5 hours bono05b

We recommend it to companies ó autonomous with a small computer infrastructure, which they do not arrange of budget or which they do not want the obligation of a monthly quota for the maintenance of its computer installation.

Hire its service 5 Hours of technical assistance and support touching in the low button to Buy.

135 € not included VAT


Bond 10 Hours


We recommend it to him to small enterprises and autonomous that do not need a maintenance with periodic reviews and want to be calm of that they are provided with the support of qualified technical personnel.

Hire its service 10 Hours of technical assistance and support touching in the low button to Buy.

240 € not included VAT 



Bond 20 hours


We recommend it to companies that have not budget or that do not want the obligation of a monthly quota for the maintenance of its computer park.

Hire its service 20 Hours of technical assistance and support touching in the low button to Buy.

375 € not included VAT


For other bonds of major quantity of hours Consult us.


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