Secure Passwords


Secure Passwords stores your passwords of sure form against strangers' looks.

This small application will look over the safety of all your passwords, storing them for users with different encryptions in each of them.

Every user will have only one password and a chain of encryption of all its passwords.

The entry to the application also can be protected by means of password, as well as the entry to the configurations, in order to protect these.

It is capable of giving you information of all those keys that are expired or of looking between the passwords for chains of characters in order to obtain a password of access to program, web, etc.

It is not connected by the explorers habitual IE, FireFox etc... but if there realizes called from the same one your explorer for defect, from the sets of protected information, so that you could be doing very badly its user and password of access.

He keeps all the passwords of your company and its users in the only place protecting them against strangers' looks. If the user causes low in the company the passwords they will continue under your control.

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