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EMAIN COMPUTER SOLUTIONS with VAT Code ES-25378869W (from now on THE COMPANY) is sensitized especially in the data protection of the USERS of the services to which one gains access across its web. By means of the present Politics of Privacy (from now on, THE POLITICS) THE COMPANY informs the USERS of the web site: of the treatment and uses to which there surrender the information of personal character that are obtained in the web, in order to which they decide, I freed and voluntarily, if they want to facilitate the requested information.

THE COMPANY reserves the faculty to modify this Politics in order to adapt it to legislative innovations, jurisprudential criteria, practices of the sector, or interests of the entity. Any modification in the same one will be announced by the due advance, in order that you should have perfect knowledge of its content.

Certain services given in the portal can contain particular conditions with forecasts on the subject of Personal details protection. About them you can find out in the isolated correspondents, and in the moment that the information is facilitating to themselves.


In the above mentioned assumptions, the information obtained by THE COMPANY will be incorporated into files entitlement of THE COMPANY, properly inscribed in the General Record of Protection of Information.


The purpose of the collection and treatment of the personal details are the management, service and personalization of the services and contents of the same one that the USER uses and of who will find out in every paragraph.


The information obtained across the Web will only be transferred in those cases in which definitely the USER finds out about it to and this one proceeds to its express authorization.


In order to that the information contained in our databases always corresponds to your real situation it will have to keep them updated, well updating them you straight in I marry in that it is possible well communicating it to the corresponding department.


THE COMPANY has adopted in its information system the technical and organizational measurements legally required, accounted of the state of the technologies, in order to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the stored information, avoiding this way, as far as possible, its alteration, loss, treatment or not authorized access.


In any case you will be able to gain access to your information, rectify them, cancel them and in its case, be opposed to its treatment:

1) well by means of request accompanied by a photocopy of your identity card, sent to the following post office address: EMAIN COMPUTER SOLUTIONS CL. Mora de Rubielos, 14 5th Dpcho 37 - 46007 of Valencia (Spain).

2) well ordering an e-mail, enclosing copy of the ID card to the following e-mail address: info @




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