Search Engine Optimización (SEO)


The position in searchers or web position (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the visibility of a web page in the different existing searchers.

We know the importance of having a place well positioned in the searchers.

Our finished scale of services provides all the hardware to you to give more projection to your business increasing the number of persons who will have access to the products offered in your web site, for a correct conversion visits - sales.

Of nothing it serves to have an attractive design and spectacular in its web, if this one is not well positioned and therefore it is not visited, comparatively it would be like opening a company in a desert for which nobody happens, it would be condemned to the defeat.


The services that we offer you include:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Our service includes the optimization of your Web page so that this one could be read and understood by the main search engines.

Analysis of audience and competition

By means of rigorous methods we will examine your competition to detect progress opportunities, and this way to recommend to him what to do to be a step passes of its competitors. Also, we detect your objective public and the ideal ways of increasing the visits quantity in your place.

Administration of Campaigns Paid for Clic (PPC)


Advertizing campaigns and promotion I Pay for Clic (PPC) like Google Adwords there are an excellent way of putting in test your business idea and of measuring your visitors' conversion level in sales. We advise you in the administration of campaigns to obtain a better conversion of the visits to its Web place.

E-mail Marketing

The e-mail marketing also well-known since "e-mailing" is a powerful tool that allows you to develop marketing campaigns in Internet with rapidity while you extract profit of all the advantages of a direct and interactive communication.

Web Site Analysis

Report of the visits to the place and behavior with Google Analytics they will allow him to know how there are answering the visitors of your Web place to your offers and strategic plans. All this will help you to fit the campaign and focus the efforts in what the "client needs".




The position in searchers is a very important factor so that those who look for the type of products and/or service that you offer find you rapid, that is to say, in the first positions on having introduced its search words.

As per statistics the user who is realizing searches in Google, does not spend of 5 results page, of not thinking between the linkage that they offer these pages, the product and/or service for that they look.

If your indexation in the search engines is superior to the positions on pages (6,10,25) a very small percentage will see you, or will gain access to your Web place.

We propose position bundles to you to index-link you in the main search engines with the following conditions:

Pack SEO1 (110 €uros x month of hiring)

  • Position 2 words fix
  • Internal optimization of its page (*)
  • Construction 250 monthly Linkage (on pages of high authority)
  • Monthly report of position in Google
  • Monthly report in Excel built linkage


Pack SEO2 (180 €uros x month of hiring)

  • Position 2 words fix
  • Internal optimization of its page (*)
  • Construction of 450 monthly linkage (on pages of high authority)
  • Monthly report of position in Google
  • Monthly report in Excel built linkage.


For any of the options no type of permanence is demanded or fidelization minim. The service can be hired for only one month or so many months like you I wished it.


(*) The internal optimization of its web includes them following factors:


  • Content of the Tags Goal.
  • Optimization of Qualifications.
  • Structure of Internal Linkage and detection of errors of the type 404.
  • Cross-check of accidental internal duplicated content (for code errors).
  • Creation and/or cross-check of the sitemap.
  • Creation and/or cross-check of the file “robots“.
  • High and/or supervision in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Creation of campaign of Linkage ("Backlinks) on pages of high authority (4, 5, 6 and 7)



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