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Information of the company:

In fulfillment of the article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of Services of the Information society and Electronic commerce (LSSI) the information is exhibited identificativos of the company:

* NAME: EMAIN Computer Solutions
* REGISTERED OFFICE: Street Mora de Rubielos, 14 - 46007 Valencia (Spain) (Along with of Direction Gral of Traffic)
* ADMINISTRATIVE / FISCAL DIRECTION: Gran Vía Fernando Católicoc, 31 To 2 4 – 46008 Valencia (Spain)
* PHONE: +34 960 000 161     FAX +34 963 145 132
* FORM OF CONTACT: Clic here

Conditions of access and use of the web pages of EMAIN Computer Solutions

EMAIN COMPUTER SOLUTIONS (from now on, THE COMPANY), informs the visitors (from now on USER) of the Internet pages or web sites relative to products of EMAIN and of its entitlement (from now on websites), of the conditions of use (Conditions of Use) applicable to the access and navigation for the websites applicable to the Users who should gain access or should use the services, applications, hardware and, in general contained, included in the same ones (from now on services or contents).

This document, without detriment to the peculiarities that in the same one are indicated, is accepted by the Users with the mere access to the websites.

1. Quality.

THE COMPANY informs the Users that it will realize the necessary efforts to achieve the best possible quality, existing account of the state of the technology. Nevertheless the previous thing, THE COMPANY declines any responsibility in case there exist interruptions or a bad functioning of the services or contents offered in Internet, any that is its cause. The same way, THE COMPANY does not become a person in charge for falls of the network, business losses as a consequence of the above mentioned falls, temporary suspensions of the electrical fluid or any other type of indirect damage that could be caused to the Users by causes foreign to THE COMPANY.
THE COMPANY will be able to suspend storm or permanently the services or contained for reasons of update, maintenance, repair of its systems or for reasons of managerial nature.
THE COMPANY does not take responsibility for mistakes and/or damages derived from the incompatibility of the services or contents of THE COMPANY with other services or contents or computer programs with which it is not specially interoperable. In any case, the configuration and aptitude of the teams of the Users to sail along the websites as well as to use the services and contents in them offered will have to be sufficient to allow the correct use of the services, taking responsibility the User of the entire and correct installation of those contents that could discharge from sayings websites.

2. - Responsibility of the Users for use and contents.

So much the access to the websites as the use that could be realized of the information and contents included in the same ones, it will be the exclusive responsibility of the one who realizes it.

Therefore, the use that could make of the information, images, contents and/or offered and accessible products across the same one, it will be subordinated to the legality, be national or international, applicable, as well as at the beginning of good faith and licit use on the part of the Users, who will be entirely responsible for the above mentioned access and correct use.
The Users will be forced to make a reasonable use of the services or contents, under the bona fide beginning and as regards the current legality, the morality, the public order, the good customs, the rights of third or of the own one THE COMPANY all this according to the possibilities and ends for which they are conceived. THE COMPANY does not assume responsibilities, there are already direct or indirect, for emergent damage or dismissed lucre, derivatives of the bad use of the services or contents realized by the Users or third. The User promises to use the services or contents exclusively for its personal use, and to realize not direct not even by implication a commercial development of the same ones.
The access to the services or contents will be realized to the entire responsibility of the Users. In case it is a question of age minors or incapable, it will be realized to the entire responsibility of its parents, representatives or legal tutors, these having to accompany, supervise or to take the opportune precautions during the navigation of those the web pages.
With general character, any type of activity remains prohibited to the detriment of THE COMPANY or of third. THE COMPANY will not be in any case responsible for the information, images, allusions or contents that they communicate, lodge, transmit or exhibit across the services or contents offered by THE COMPANY foreign to its will.
There will be considered to be categorically prohibited the use of the web pages of THE COMPANY with illegal or not authorized ends and, in particular, and without it having exhaustive character: any form of violation of the rights of third on its intimacy, honor, proper image, secret in the communications, intellectual and industrial property or protection of personal details.

The same way, the Users promise not to publish, spread, announce, refer to or distribute any material, matter or information with illegal, obscene, pornographic, excessive, slanderous, deceitful, racist contents, against the morality or the public order, as well as not introduce any type of computer virus, defective files, or any other software or computer program that could provoke damages or not authorized alterations of the contents, programs or accessible systems across the websites; to alter or to intervene for fraudulent means, personal web pages or e-mails of other Users without the due authorization, as well as to send e-mails with massive and/or repetitive character, and to order e-mail addresses of third without its assent. Neither the Users will be able to use of undue or inadequate form, with regard to the normal functioning and purpose, those services or contents that could be facilitated by THE COMPANY like chats, groups of news, forums, etc.

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