It is a question of a system of safety copies and/or powerful synchronization, of simple interface and indispensably, that conbined with the hardware of storage of copies turn into your perfect ally, against the disasters for losses of information. The files that it generates can be with its own format (.bck) or of extension compatible with the compressors winzip and 7zip, providing them with entire independence at the time of restoring the copy works. It can generate also files car - extraibles (.exe).

He has also device of restoration of copies, as well as programming of automatic works, mailing to servants FTP, synchronization against servants of protocol RSync (local or remote), mailing of SMS's or e-mail on having finished the work to the system manager. A finished solution for its safety copies to low cost.

The interface is completely independent from the engine of execution of works, obtaining a less impact on the available resources, in the simple executions of the works, both manual and automated.

Every work can be sent to multiple destinations at the same time, to a servant ftp, to a servant of synchronization and to a device of local massive storage, what your safety information will be answered in so many places as you want, increasing this way the safety of your information.


Properties of the Works:

  • Maximum size of file of works 2^63 bytes
  • Major speed in the generation of works because it can select the compression way inside the chosen compression level
  • Possibility of initiating / stopping services
  • To include folders of network and the ratification of access to the same ones, both in origin and in destination (reception of Works of copy)
  • It allows in origin and destination long names of file, principally in origin to destine to synchronizations.
  • It allows to connect synchronization works.
  • The synchronization works allow previous and later events.
  • The files generated with extension.bck are compatible with winzip and 7zip
  • New selection options inside the contents of the works
  • It allows the execution of empty works that only execute for example previous and/or later events.
  • It allows the works update generated in advance.
  • It allows different methods of encriptación PkZipClassico, AES_128, AES_192, AES_256 (Eye with the compatibility 7Zip/WinZip).
  • It allows in the routes of storage Completa+drive.
  • It allows that, on having eliminated locations of works of synchronization, the synchronization files to be eliminated in the remote team.
  • It allows to the final users to realize works of inverse synchronization in order to restore with supreme facility in folders of origin or alternative folders.
  • The restoration works against network units will not need the ratification in these since the proper work is contained encriptada by the user and password of access to the unit (according to the information that existed at the moment of generating the work).
  • The copy works store automatic options to be applied in case of restoration.
  • In network it is capable of gathering workstations information and of disconnecting them once it has finished the information compilation.
  • The works are provided with new and interesting properties, which facilitate the restoration process execution to him.
  • He supports names of file Unicode.


  • Possibility of initiating in every work the operations Binnacle.
  • Possibility of sending the binnacle as attachment or incrusted in message body
  • Possibility of mailing of binnacle across type accounts gmail (TLS).
  • Possibility of mailing of SMS to the manager informing that the copy has been executed and that it is to finished correctly or with errors.
  • Control panel:

  • Possibility of cloning copy works inside a list or in another existing list.
  • It contains visual notices of the state of a work of copy, if he is opened for example.
  • Improved in the control panel the indication of the progresses of operations with works.


  • Included Servant RSync for platforms Windows (cwRSyncServer 4.0.1)
  • Included client RSync for platforms windows (cwRSyncClient 3.1.0 - Edict Installed by the installation of I-Backup)

Typical of the software:

  • It is provided with protocol RSync of synchronization with remote teams based on Linux, this protocol avoids the interceptions of the information transfers.
  • It is integrated by the programmer of tasks of the system with what the works in waiting have a minimal aftereffect on the system.
  • It can plan copy works with different monthly, weekly, daily programmings, etc... inclusive the same work programming execute it in different moments along a certain period.
  • It can generate files of copy car - extraibles with what he is not necessary any software for the restoration, since the proper file car - extraible will offer the possibilities of restoration of all the files or those that he wants to extract, if he wants sobrescribir, or must do requests on this matter.
  • On having finished the this copy work, it can be sent automatically to a servant ftp. externally, previously formed.
  • There can programme the mailing of a work of safety copy to disntintos destinations.
  • It can establish filters of files to be included or to be excluded of the set of copy.
  • Inside a network it is capable of selecting different folders to include information in the set of copy, inclusive to disconnect the stations as soon as the safety copy was finished. It is not necessary to initiate meeting in the system so that the copy works are realized.
  • It is capable of chaining copy works, that is to say, on having finished a work, to initiate other.
  • On having finished the copy work, he has the possibility of sending the binnacle of all the events of safety copy and result of the same one to a manager route e-mail, so that he could verify if the executions have been correct or not.
  • On having finished the work, it is capable of sending a SMS indicating to the manager of the system the execution and ending of the work.
  • He can programme events previous and later to the execution of the works, like closing programs, executing waiting times, executing system commands.
  • It realizes auto-cleanliness of sets of copy in the destination support, admitting to programme the number of sets of copy for work to be stored, on having come to the maximum number, it will eliminate the most ancient sets of copy.


  • Programme your copies system and forget them. I-Backup will be informing him about the results of the works.
  • It consumes minimal resources of the system, low aftereffect on the same one in waiting time.
  • He does not need to initiate meeting in the executing system to realize the work.
  • It can chain works.
  • It can disconnect finished local or remote systems.
  • It can notify to a manager the result of the copy.
  • He can send works to multiple destinations.
  • He has protocols of remote synchronization (RSync)
  • He can execute simultaneous works.

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