Google Apps


What is Google Apps?

Google Apps has the whole potential of a system of e-mail of the first order for its domain Gmail. From Google Apps to part of managing, redireccionar mail, creating real filters of management, of all its accounts of mail of an easy and simple form, it puts at your disposal a set of hardware in the cloud that will facilitate its daily work to him. He gains access to all the hardware that Google Apps offers you, from any computer, any part of the world with only an Internet connection.

Google Apps lodges everything on-line one, can offer you an important cost reduction, since you need neither hardware nor additional software. With this solution, the needs for maintenance and for update are minimal, since Google manages everything. This, in turn, helps to reduce even more YOUR costs.

Many companies as yours save important money quantities thanks to Google Apps.

Google Apps ""is not alone a classic e-mail solution"", but, also, it offers numerous any hardware of them of managerial collaboration and also personal.

Google Docs: he shares the work easily with persons of inside or of out of the company across documents, spreadsheets and presentations based on web. Google Docs allows to work jointly and at the same time with other persons in the same version of a document. Also, you have access to the work in any moment. Google Docs is a finished suite office computerization in which you can manage, documents of text, spreadsheets, presentations of the type power point, forms and/or drawings.

Google Sites: believe an intranet of easy and rapid form with Google Sites without YOUR help of the team. The teams of projects can create and share places to insure itself from that the information should come to all the persons of the company.

Google Videos: he shares videos in the company and, at the same time, it protects your information. It turns out to be ideal to share videos of formation or team notices.

Google Calendar: A finished agenda / calendar where to programme all your tasks, with notices in emergent window or notices to a mail account, with the advance that you decide so that the notice should not come to you late. Goolge Calendar you can realize synchronizations with the main mobile devices, so that nothing passes to you. You can share the calendars so that different persons of the organization could verify if in a certain moment you are occupied to be able to programme new new tasks. You can programme repetitive tasks of an effective and simple form.

With Google Apps, you can...

To have e-mail personalized for your domain (p. ej., with Gmail for companies.

To share and to administer your on-line calendars across Google Calendar.

To create team web sites as easily as a document creates thanks to Google Sites.

To be employed at documents, presentations and spreadsheets with other users at the same time across Google Docs.


Nevertheless to give the first pasoses important to be guided of the hand by specializing technical personnel. emain Computer Solutions, it can from guiding you in the first steps with Google Apps, until Google Apps forms of entire form your tool (following your indications and targets). We have different plans of starting of the tool as well as formation on the same one.

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