ew2Virtuemart is a connector of relational databases developed for the component of Joomla Virtuemart and Eurowin in its version 8.0 SQL Server.

By means of the simple one user's interface tunes in to the remote Virtuemart database and at the same time to the local database of Eurowin 8.0 SQLServer, being capable of creating the products in the remote database (joomla-virtuemart) as the existing products in our local application Eurowin.

It can create the remote categories according to the existing ones in Eurowin, establishing a relation between the local families (Eurowin) and the remote categories (joomla-virtuemart).

It can update prices and stocks. Also and being very important it can (as soon as all the parameters were introduced), the process of remote update is automated with its integrated task programmer.

It will begin like format of simple assistant:



Step 1 request information of remote connection by means of information (image 1)

When the application begins if it finds information of an ancient connection, he will ask the user if he wants to load the stored information. We will must specify first of all the name of the Host or its remote direction that the database stores. By defect as catalog it will be refilled automatically with the same name as the database, being able the user to rename the name of the catalog in case it was necessary.

Later it will must indicate the user's name and password with rights of administration of the remote database.

On having touched the following button, The introduced information will be stored, to be re-used in later occasions.



Step 2 request information of connection with the local database (image 2)

Initially it will be necessary to introduce a user and password with rights of administration of the database of Eurowin.
Later Route will refill the field to the Eurowin servant, being able to write the route straight or select it by means of the button arranged to the right. As soon as this fact was refilled automatically it will be refilled: the name of the servant SQLServer, the alias of common for defect and the active exercise for defect in Eurowin, this information is extracted from completely automatic form of stage of the servant of Eurowin.

Although with the provider of connection SQLOLEDB the connection with the Eurowin database is realized of correct form, ew2virtuemar it offers different alternative connection providers.

As it happened on the connection screen to the remote database touching the button to keep, all the connection information is memorized, so that, on having entered again the application in spite of just touching the button to load, all the fields are refilled and automatically the connection is established with the local database.

Step 3 of options regarding the local database (Imagen-3)

On this screen it will be necessary to specify the Container Eurowin Company of the information as the store of the products to be published.

In both cases the search button can be used to realize consultations to the local database.
Since in Eurowin we can have those products published in Internet pronounced, to ew2virtuemar we will indicate him if we want only to publish those products that should fulfill this condition or all the products of the database.

We will select the prices of the tariff that we want to publish in our virtual shop, this fact will have direct bearing on the id Group clients of our shop in Virtuemart.

To ew2virtuemart we can indicate him if we want to raise the images of each of the products automatically, on having enabled this option ew2virtuemart, it will show us a window of information of connection ftp:

Information connection ftp server (image 4)

As soon as the information was specified we can realize a connection test, so that later to keep the information of connection that will be used during the process.
To ew2virtuemart we can indicate him than to do with the images contained in the card of the product if to raise them such a which or redimensionarlas before proceeding to sending the images. For it we would have to mark the option to resize images automatically. On having marked this option, it will display the next screen will tell you how to resize your images.

Options for resize images (Image-5)

We will indicate him in the properties of resize images if we wish it to do for pixels or for percentage and if we wish the image resize to block the aspect ratio.

Step 4 Information regarding the remote database (image 6)

With regard to the remote information, we will have to indicate him to ew2virtuemar the remote destination shop (since Virtuemart can manage different shops). in a dropdown field all the shops managed by Virtuemart will appear.

For defect, on having selected the shop, the currency will refill us for defect of the same one and the group of clients for defect.

Finally we will be able to specify the following options: To update the remote stocks checking or unchecking the option, those local stocks that find in negative to put them to zero in the remote database and to Update or not the recommended retail prices in the remote database if this fact is marked or not.
As soon as there was completed all the information of the screen options, touching the button to keep, these will be memorized for in next uses on having touched the button to load all they are refilled automatically.

Step 5 Relation between local families and remote categories (image 6)

Step 5 Relation between local families and remote categories (image - 6a)

In ew2virtuemar we will be able to relate local families to remote categories, as the Imagen-6a can be observed the local family is related 40-CONSUMIBLES to the remote category 77-Consumibles, so that all the articles located in the local family 40, will be located in the remote category 77. In case the option marks remote Categories equally to local families, in whose case we would be indicating that every local family takes the same relation as a remote category, in the latter case we will have to bear in mind that Eurowin has stored the family code of alphanumeric type (05) and that the Virtuemart database will stay like 5 since it is a fact of entire numerical type.

Step 7 possible actions to realize.

In the latter step, 1 gives us different options. - To Execute the update process with the information introduced for the local database and the remote database, 2. - To Programme the automatic execution of the process of update, 3. - To Eliminate a programming of automatic execution (in case it exists already), 4. - To Edit the information of an existing automatic programming.

ew2virtuemart it works by means of subscriptions being able to be these monthly according to tariff or annual with a reduction of 25 % on tariff price.

The subscription quota includes hot line support and updates, existing the possibility of remote support, previous acceptance to budget of assistance, to the distribution channel, never to the final client. The interruptions in periods of monthly subscription stop having a support right.

The application is given as any modification is specified, adaptation or personalization it will be attended under acceptance of previous budget.

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