With Sage Eurowin 2013 you have everything what you need to manage the different areas of your company.

The automation of every day with a company provides value to all its organizational processes, helping to improve the profitability of the same one.

That's why it is fundamental to have a system of integrated management that covers the different organizational areas of the company: sales, buys, distribution, administration, production, etc. and, topcoat, which the real state of its business allows them to know in any moment.

The management Sage Eurowin 2013, also, provides the companies of an essential tool to foresee and to improve the management of the non-payments, to reduce the financial risk and to minimize the losses.

It can be formed in multiple sectorial solutions inside the primary, industrial ambience, consumption, services, and much especially to those that work with articles, products, sizes and colors, pesos or boxes.

Reports and documents personalizables for the final user.

Available in SaaS , for the only monthly quota it includes the use of the application and the service.

Sales (commercial and countable Management)

  • Generation of manual and automatic seats.
  • Budgetary accounting.
  • Electronic plucking in the account extracts. Bank conciliation CSB43.
  • Possibility of working with cost centers (secondary accounts).
  • Countable monthly closing.
  • Automatic seats of regularization and countable close of year, as well as those of opening of the new exercise.
  • Balance navigation to extract, from extract to seat and visualization of the invoice of management and on the contrary, from the management towards the accounting.
  • Notes introduction for the memory of the seats.
  • Staff of predefined seats.
  • Tax system.
  • Books of record of VAT and liquidation of the pre-established periods of VAT.
  • Models 303 and 390 of Autoliquidation of VAT and 340 of Declaration of Operations.
  • Books of record of retentions and liquidation.
  • Models 110, 111, 115, 180,190.
  • Models 347,349, file Intrastat, etc.
  • Generation of the autoreverberated invoice of community buys.
  • Forecasts portfolio.
  • Impression of notes of payment in accordance with the model of every banking institution.
  • Bank remittances of cashing (CBS 19-58-32, ABA).
  • Bank remittances of payment (CSB34 and CSB68).
  • Control of the reception of clients' notes.
  • Refading of clients' expirations in a new receipt.
  • Treasury forecast with list of collection delay and control of exceeded in credit.


Strong points

  • Sectorial. It covers the concrete needs for management of multiple managerial sectors.
  • Standard and personalizable . The personalización necessary offers all the advantages of working with one more standard management to adapt itself to the peculiarities of every business.
  • Integration of on-line shop and connection with Magento .

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