With the order ó the buy of any product of our Web, THE CLIENT ACCEPTS THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS OF SALE.


They are understood by units and euros.
They will be those who appear in our current tariff at the moment of the acceptance of the order. The sale prices will be able to be modified without previous notice, being this published in our web as soon as possible. In case at the moment of the achievement of an order we were realizing a change of tariff not reflected in our web, it will prevail indicated in the web, respecting its decision of buy and the amounts specified in the same one.


Our commercial department will communicate with you more to receive the order if it proceeds to agree on the payment conditions. In case in our web, he has not the options of election of the form of payment, before the achievement of any order it will have to get in touch with us if it proceeds to agree on the conditions for the payment of products and/or offered services.

The forms of payment which we have and set at the disposal of our clients are:

POSTPONED. - Maximum Draft 30 days dates invoice, being able to divide as maximum two bank effects to 30 and 60 days, days of fixed payment being accepted on the part of the client. Any other type of postponement will take implicitly one on cost by way of financing expenses. This form of payment will be able to be applied in clients with more than three buys.
COUNTED, I pay for PayPal.
SUBSCRIPTIONS Across PayPal how long does the client want to finish the subscription of the product must notify it with at least 15 days previous to the subscription, must canceling this one from its account in PayPal.


The non-payment, to its expiration, of any effect or receipt will bear the immediate suspension of supply and of any type of service, previously hired. Any material sold in our Web will be considered of our property until the client should have realized the finished payment of the same one.


Any return will not be admitted, passed 15 days from its expedition or sale, and that has not been consulted previously and authorized by the selling department of EMAIN COMPUTER SOLUTIONS. Do not realize any product return without earlier having got in touch with our selling department.


EMAIN COMPUTER SOLUTIONS promises to return the quantity of any of our quotas if in 30 days since the service begins, the CLIENT is not completely satisfied by the same one. For period of sale superior to 30 days it will have to get in touch with our selling department.

She remains limited to the substitution of the recognized pieces materially defective by technical personnel of EMAIN COMPUTER SOLUTIONS, and demonstrated that they have been acquired us, without any indemnification.


The fact of acceptance of our general conditions of sale, it implies, in case of litigation, the subjection to the jurisdiction of the courts and courts of Valencia, with resignation to its own jurisdiction.


The tariff - web annuls anyone in disposition of the client. EMAIN COMPUTER SOLUTIONS reserves the right to modify the tariff all the times be necessary, without commitment to notify it to its clients previously.

EMAIN COMPUTER SOLUTIONS reserves the right to modify whole or partially any article that appears in this tariff, components, composition without previous notice, as well as prices in the Web that could be erroneous.


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