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Your server in the cloud?

When you are going to acquire a new server, a quite important investment in hardware appears, the proper server, its operating system, its safety systems, systems of uninterrupted feeding, systems of connectivity and a length etc...

As soon as the investment was realized, we must think about the later costs of habitual consumption and that will be taking place month a month.

Also we must think that we will depend completely on the state of the server to gain access to our information. To provide us with the corresponding routings for from the outside of the offices to gain access to the information, applying the corresponding accident control measures so that nobody more that we could gain access to the information.

emain Computer Solutions in collaboration with strategic prestige associates your server proposes to you to be located in the cloud, with the corresponding savings in initial investment costs, as I save also in monthly added costs on the same one.

We offer you the possibility of being provided with your own server in the cloud, dedicated or virtually, with infrastructures of last generation stayed at the independent data centers that offer the most current accident control measures.

We offer specific solutions on the subject of dedicated servers, endorsed by a highly qualified technical service.

Please Banco de Santander requests references of clients lodged with us, between whom we can stand out Antena3,, Euromaster's degree and a length etc...


Air conditioning:

• All the teams are supported and continuously they are supervised in a controlled air conditioning environment. The temperature ambience comes up it is supported between 22°C ± 2°C and the moisture level half-closed to 50 % ± 10 %. Multiple air conditioning units provide capacity of redundant refrigeration N+1.

Water detection:

• Installed water detection systems in all the areas capable of escapes. The alarms by water detection are transmitted straight to a center of control 24x7.


• Double assault 2x16 Amperes, 4x16 Amperes and/or 2x32 Amperes in all the racks.
• Systems of uninterrupted feeding and generating diesel N+1.


• Twisted electrical laying under the false antistatic soil. The information wiring has a tendency in salvers on raised.

Fire protection:

• Walls resistant to the fire, system of early detection of smokes (under false soil and for the roof), direct communication with the fire stations and an automatic system of extinction of fire for gas provide a protection anti-fires of the first class.

Physical safety:

• System of control CCTV, presencial and accesses control
• I access for readership of card and fingerprint
• Doors with access control
• Safety observers 24x7


• Proper Autonomous system (Autonomous System 45037) with directions IP Multihomed.
• Network completes Gigabit in all its segments.
• Four (4) independent operators, guaranteeing entire redundancy and tolerance to network errors:

or ONO
or Neo Telecoms
or Easynet
or NTT

Routers architecture in ring.
• Servers straight connected to the main one of the network (1Gb) without any type of explicit limitation in its port.
• Direct connection and membrecía in Espanix. (
• Agreements of exchange of traffic with the main operators at national level.
• Direct linkage with neutral points of European exchange:

or ESpanix
or SwissIX
or Ams-IX
or PaNAP

• Latencies much limited at European level and minims in the whole national territory.


Service of Advanced Administration:

• Preferable attention and before doubts or incidences (24x7)
• Installation of updates of the operating system
• I begin again of services and of the servant
• Cross-check and modification of configurations
• Internal monitoring of the server
• External monitoring of the server (black box)
• Periodic cross-check of available capacities, consumptions, etc
• Configuration of network and of fire-break
• 3 monthly hours of consultancy for tasks of analysis of the system and configuration of services

Service of Basic Administration:

• Preferable attention before doubts or incidences (24x7)
• Installation of updates of the operating system
• I begin again of services and of the servant
• Cross-check and modification of configurations
• External monitoring of the server (black box)
• Services monitoring

Contact routes 24x7:

• Free phone

Average attention times before incidences:

• 15 to 30 minutes in working hours
• 45 to 90 minutes out of working hours

Virtual servers Windows
Windows Server 2008 1 Core / 1 GB RAM / 30GB HD
Windows Server 2008 2 Core / 2 GB RAM / 50GB HD



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