GiNA - Agent of Reports and Alerts



It is a question of the most powerful and simple generating software of reports and alerts automatic and that it can favor positively to the main application to which it collaborates. As complementary tool that it is possible to go so far as to consider to be an application of control and powerful and indispensable information, for the development of information and alerts of critical points of the company and its management.

The agent of reports and alerts is a system of tireless and infallible distribution of information and alerts.

It can be said that the agent of reports and alerts is capable of analyzing, of generating and of distributing of punctual form vital information for a company.

The agent of reports and alerts is going to allow us of an easy, simple and understandable form, obtain reports and/or alerts of critical situations in the management of the company, and much any more … nobody has to remember the moment in which the cross-checks have to be realized since the reports agent can be programmed in different moments of the management to realize them and to send the information or the alert to very precise and diverse destinations.

That us goes it is to allow the software:


  • Automatic execution of reports and/or alerts against databases, principally SQL Server and MySQL, also against flat stage DBASE/Paradox (by means of ODBC).
  • To locate the database locally or remote.
  • Mailing of the information to ftp servers, mail accounts (like attachment) and notices SMS.
  • Impression of the report and alert in printers of the system.
  • Programming for the automatic execution of the reports and/or alerts.


More outstanding characteristics:


  • To attack realizing direct connections to databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or Systems of flat stage between others.
  • It does not need to be installed in the same place where it is the database, can gain access to the same ones of remote form.
  • To programme formless and/or alert in functions of the analyzed information.
  • Mailing of the results of the information to servants FTP by means of Sure protocols where they will wait for the discharge for other users.
  • Mailing of the results of the information to defined accounts of e-mail of global form or it specifies of the report. The mailing of the results can be indicated to multiple mail accounts. (It can manage the mailing across type accounts gmail).
  • Mailing of SMS of notice.
  • Automatic mailing of the report to printers of the system.
  • The exit of the reports can have different formats PDF, Gif, JPEG, BMP, XLS, HTML, RTF, TIF and specific format of the system.
  • To predefine the parameters of the report so that I did not need the intervention of the user for its execution, these parameters will be defined only one time, so that the agent of reports and alerts interprets them and understands forever.
  • Every report or alert can contain one or more execution programmings.
  • Its engine is integrated perfectly with the programmer of tasks of the system for what the resources consumption in waiting is minimal.
  • It is capable of attacking to systems of stage of information pages Paradox, DBase, Visual Fox. (He will be necessary ODBC for the connection to the above mentioned stage).
  • Burglaryable in modules three independent modules:


    • Basic - It Allows the reports execution, implanted for third in the system, as well as its programming, allocation of parameters.
    • Forward position - Allows everything indicated in the low level, more everything regarding the edition, duplication, erasure of reports. An assistant contains for the dressmaking of reports of basic complexity.
    • Professional - Contains the possibilities of the previous modules, more the generation of fitters of reports for other systems.

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